Administración General de Rentas

In addition to reusing the Stallforth remainders (in August 1915), the Administración General de Rentas del Estado also produced a 10c and a 50c note (various series).

(Some) Series D and F notes have an additional red overprint on the reverse 'Constitido el deposito que asegura el valor de este bono, en billetes garantizados'.

  series from to total
10c           includes numbers 3089CNBanxico #11019  to 6987CNBanxico #4132 
A         includes numbers 9664 to 11401CNBanxico #11021 
B         includes number 9275
C (may be G)         includes numbers 4008CNBanxico #4130 to 15067CNBanxico #4131 
D         with red overprint
includes numbers 11347CNBanxico #11020
 F         with red overprint


Rentas 50c C 4008