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Guerrero privateTaxco

Convencion Comercial

The "Convencion Comercial" of Rafael F. Dominguez issued these notes, some dated to September and November 1915.

Taxco 2c

Taxco 2c reverse

Taxco 3c

Taxco 3c reverse

Taxco 5c

Taxco 10c

Taxco 10c reverse


Taxco 20c

Taxco 20c reverse

Taxco 50c 2

Taxco 50c 2 reverse


Taxco 50c 3

Taxco 50c 3 reverse

Taxco 1

Taxco 1 reverse

Incredibly, the 50c was counterfeited.

Convencion comercial 50c counterfeit

Convencion comercial 50c counterfeit reverse

Buenavista de Cuellar

Casa de Cambio

A series of notes issued by the Casa de Cambio in Buenavista de Cuellar. Buenavista is a town in the northeast of the state.


  from to total



5c           includes numbers 9527CNBanxico #4200 to 9601
$1         provisional  


José María Acevedo

A 50c note.


In Long's 1974 auction was "2mm thick cream cardboard, 42x50mm with clipped corners; stamped seals in black both sides, mainly illegible"Richard A. Long, Mail Auction Sale November 30, 1974.


In Long's 1974 auction was "A large piece of thick cardboard 41x53mm; obv. bears black stamped illegible seal; rev. bears red stamped numeral 50 and border. Collector has identified it as originating from Tlapa"Richard A. Long, Mail Auction Sale November 30, 1974.

David Salgado y Hnos

Salgado 5c   Salgado 5c reverse
Salzado 10c  

Salgado 10c reverse

 Of unknown origin. These have a purple stamped script name on the other sideRichard A. Long, Mail Auction Sale November 30, 1974.