The Dos Estrellas co-operative

The Cooperativa Minera “Las Dos Estrellas” was set up to take over the assets of the failed Dos Estrellas mining company.

During the silver crisis of 1943, because of the shortage of small change, the cooperative issued vales that could be cashed in the offices or the company or were accepted by stores in the town (Casa Navarro and Benito García in Tlapujahua, Argimiro Martinez, José C. Fat and Julio Ojeda in El Oro, and the branch of the Banco del Estado de México in El Oro).

Dos coop 5c

Dos coop 5c 2 reverse

Dos coop 10c 2

Dos coop 10c 2 reverse

One set of notes were time limited to 31 August 1943.

Dos coop 5c

Dos coop 5c reverse

Dos coop 10c

Dos coop 10c reverse

The 50c note, with a datestamp of 23 October, states that was specifically issued because of the shortage of small change.

Dos coop 50c

Dos coop 50c reverse