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Jefatura de Armas, Morelia

Jefatura 1c

Jefatura 2c

Jefatura 2c reverse

Jefatura 5c

Jefatura 10c

Jefatura 10c reverse

Jefatura 20c

Jefatura 20c reverse

Jefatura 50c

Jefatura 50c reverse

  from to total
1c         includes numbers 2501 to 11065CNBanxico #11502
2c         includes number 1952
5c         includes numbers 1458CNBanxico #5226 to 31243
10c         include number 26775
20c         include number 50974
50c         includes numbers 24887CNBanxico #11504 to 28304


These local notes are not mentioned by the Presidente Municipal on