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Local issues

Michoacan local issues

The state government of Michoacán only made a couple of issues and so it seems it was left to the municipalities to address the shortage of small change that resulted from hoarding and a breakdown in communications.

Documentation about these various local issues is rare, but we can occasionally draw inferences from the notes themselves, or similarities, as to

Cotija de la Paz

Cotija 50c

This 50c note was issued by the local Receptoria de Rentas in accordance with an agreement[text needed] made on 20 August 1915 and was backed by a deposit in the same Receptoria. It bears the printed names of the Presidente Municipal,[              ][identification needed], the Coronel Jefe de Armas en el Distrito, M. [              ][identification needed], and the Tesorero, Abraham [              ][identification needed].

Cotija 5c

This 5c note is dated 15 September 1915.


Uruapan 2c

Uruapan 2c reverse

Uruapan 5c

Uruapan 5c reverse

Uruapan 10c

Uruapan 10c reverse

Uruapan 20c

Uruapan 20c reverse

Uruapan 50c

Uruapan 50c reverse

2c, 5c, 10c, 20c and 50c dated 20 April 1915 and bearing the names of the Presidente Municipal, J. Treviño S., and Administrador del Timbre, M. Farías.


A 5c note[image needed].


Patzcuaro 10c

Patzcuaro 10c reverse

Patzcuaro 20c

Patzcuaro 20c reverse

  from to total
10c         includes numbers 2480CNBanxico #5227 to 4581CNBanxico #5228
20c         includes numbers 0663CNBanxico #11536 to 3821


10c and 20c, dated 1 June 1915


Puruandiro 1c

Puruandiro 1c reverse

Puruandiro 5c

Puruandiro 5c reverse

Puruandiro 10c

Puruandiro 10c reverse

  series from to total
1c A          
5c A          
10c A          


These are dated 25 July 1915 and were issued in accordance with an agreement with the government[text needed] and backed by local receipts. They have the names of General Antonio de P. Magaña and Presidente Municipal José Barrera Navarrete.

Antonio de P MagañaAntonio de P. Magaña was born in Michoacán. A newspaperman who supported Madero, he fought with the Constitutionalists and defended Veracruz during the American intervention in 1914. He was jefe de la armas in Puruándiro in 1915 and a failed candidate for governor of the state in 1917.  
José Barrera Navarrete  



Zinapecuaro 10c

A 10c note. Serie D and with the signatures of the Presidente, [               ][identification needed], and Tesorero, Eulogio Martín.

  sig Zinepecuaro Presidente
 Eulogio Martín sig Zinepecuaro Tesorero




Maravatio 2c 3

Maravatio 2c 3 reverse

A Serie B

Maravatio 2c 1

Maravatio 2c 1 reverse

Maravatio 2c 2

Maravatio 2c 2 reverse

Maravatio 5c

Maravatio 5c reverse

Maravatio 10c 1

Maravatio 10c 1 reverse

Maravatio 10c 2

Maravatio 10c 2 reverse

Maravatio 20c

  series from to total
2c           includes numbers 0166CNBanxico #11515 to 7329CNBanxico #11517
5c B         includes numbers 0368CNBanxico #11518 to 3798
10c B         includes numbers 0253 to 0451CNBanxico #115149
20c B          


Senguio 5c

Senguio 10c

Senguio 20c

  series from to total
5c A         includes number 6719
10c A         includes number 176
20c A         includes number 636


Zitacuaro 5c

Zitacuaro 5c reverse

Zitacuaro 10c

Zitacuaro 10c reverse

Zitacuaro 20c

Zitacuaro 20c reverse

Zitacuaro 50c

Zitacuaro 50c reverse

  from to total
10c         includes numbers 1033CNBanxico #5323 to 1833CNBanxico #5323
50c         includes numbers 65CNBanxico #5318 to 3717CNBanxico #5292


The 50c note is dated 9 March 1915 and is signed by the Presidente Municipal León Rodriguez G. and Tesorero E. P[       ].

León Rodriguez G. sig Zitacuaro Presidente
E [identification needed] sig Zitacuaro Tesorero


In March 1914 because of the lack of small change local businesses resorted to a series of typewritten notes, on paper of different colours, for 5c, 25c, 50c and $1, with the stamp of three of the principal casas comerciales. These were reissued every fortnightEl Diario, 6 March 1914.