El Banco de Oaxaca

This bank grew out of the branch of the Banco Oriental de México that was opened in July 1901 and the close ties of the founders (five from Puebla, almost all Spaniards and three from Oaxaca, again with Spanish roots apart from the Scotsman Jacobo Lucas Grandison). The concession for the bank was granted on 17 July 1902 to Quijano y Rivero, the succesors to José Zorrilla y Ca., and Manuel Rivero Collada, representing Trápaga y Ca, and Mowatt y Grandison, hijos.

foundersThe new bank, though autonomous, continued to function as a branch, with the same manager, premises (at 1a calle Armenta y López), account holders and using the Banco Oriental de México notes until their own were delivered.

Branch offices were opened in Ocotlán, Puerto Angel, Salina Cruz, Tehuantepec (Istmo)a small city but with future promise. The branch opened on 31 July 1905 with Francisco Guzmán as manager and Rafael Silva as cajero-contador. Silva was replaced at the start of 1907 by Carlos Trinker, Guillermo’s son and Tuxtepec.

The bank could not survive the financial crisis of 1908 and it was absorbed by the Banco Oriental de México, of Puebla, on 21 June 1909A detailed history of the origins and fortunes of the bank can be found in "De dependencia e insolvencia: el Banco de Oaxaca, 1902-1909" by Leticia Gamboa Ojeda, in Historia Mexicana, vol. LVI, núm. 2, 2006, pp. 471-531.

American Bank Note Company print runs

The American Bank Note Company produced the following notes. It engraved the vignette of the Juárez statue (C 863) for the $5, $50 and $100 notes and of a Tehuantepec girl (C 872) for all the reverses.

Oaxaca 5 specimen

Oaxaca 5 specimen reverse

Oaxaca 10 specimen

Oaxaca 10 specimen reverse

Oaxaca 20 specimen

Oaxaca 20 specimen reverse

Oaxaca 50 G 56276

Oaxaca 100 specimen

Date Value Number Series from to
September 1902 $5 80,000 A 1 10000
B 10001 20000
C 20001 30000
D 30001 40000
A 57751 67750
B 67751 77750
C 77751 87750
D 87750 97750
$10 25,000 E 40001 52500
E 97751 110250
$20 7,500 F 52501 56250
F 110251 114000
2,000 G 56251 57250
G 114001 115000
1,000 H 57251 57750
H 115001 115500


Date Value Number Series from to
November 1906 $5 20,000 I 115501 135500
$10 10,000 J 135501 145500



The signatories are Guillermo Trinker as Gerente, José Zorilla J., Jacobo L. Grandison and Francisco Gómez Trápaga as Consejero and A. Rueda Camacho as Interventor.


Guillermo Trinker, the manager, was the brother-in-law of Jacobo Grandison but was also related to the Zorilla because his daughter Inés married Enrique Zorilla, José’s brother.
In 1891 Trinker and his brother-in-law founded Grandison y Trinker, “to invest in mining, agriculture and industry”. In this decade he was also administrator of the Grandison’s Xia textile factory in Ixtlán. He was manager of the branch of the Banco Oriental de México from 1901 to1902 and then of the Banco de Oaxaca from 1902 to 1906, as well as manager of Mowatt Grandison Hijos.

Trinker died in office on 20 May 1907informe of Interventor Rueda Camacho, 11 July 1907 Memoria de las Instituciones de Crédito correspondiente al año 1907.

sig Trinker


José Zorilla J.  sig Zorilla
Jacobo Lucas Grandison  sig Grandison
Francisco Gómez Trápaga  sig Gomez


Alejandro Rueda Camacho was appointed interventor on 19 August 1902, on the recommendation of Emilio PimentalCEHM, Fondo CDLIV Colección José Y. Limantour, 2a, 1902, carpeta 1 legajo 78.

Rueda Camacho was Interventor until April 1909 when he left to take up the post of Administrador Principal del Timbre in Colima, because the bank was merging with the Banco Oriental de México and so his post would disappearCEHM, Fondo CDLIV Colección José Y. Limantour, Copiadores. Ministro-III. 10. Libro26. 160.

sig Camacho