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La Cámara de Comercio

On 23 March 1915 the town council in Oaxaca considered the problem of the lack of bonos and coins and proposed to make an issue of bonos of 5, 10 and 20 centavos, guaranteed by the corporationEl Dictamen, Tomo XVII, Num 1464, 30 March 1915. However, they seem to have delegated the task to the local Cámara de Comercio.

This produced a series of three values, dated March 1915. These were accepted by the major casas comerciales in any amount and could be exchanged in multiples of five pesos. They were signed by Herminio Franco, Luis G. Bellon or Joaquín [                ][identification needed].

Herminio Franco ran a restaurant and cantina, ‘Las Mesitas del Edén’, located in the portal de Flores.  
Luis G. Bellon was a French merchant who with his brother owned two department stores, ‘Las Fábricas de Francia’ and ‘La Ciudad de México.’  


Known series are:

  Series  from to total
5c           includes numbers 21409 to 32729CNBanxico #11815
10c B         includes number 2588
A         includes number 7664
B         includes number 13450
C         includes number 22756CNBanxico #5792 
D         includes numbers 18807footnote}CNBanxico #5793 to 47985
E         includes number 37690
F         includes number 7959CNBanxico #11820 
G         includes number 6024CNBanxico #11821 


Inevitably there were some typos

'INO PESOS' instead of 'CINCO PESOS'

‘recibó’ instead of ‘recibió’

'aPgara' instead of 'Pagara'

On the reverse of the series D note “principal” appears in the singular, i.e. “ .. las principal Casas Comerciales …”

On 7 April the local correspondant for El Pueblo reported that a new issue of 5, 10 and 20 centavos bonos was expected to replace the ones which after three (sic) months had become unusableEl Pueblo, 13 April 1915. This second issue was dated April 1915. For the 10c value 'La Cámara de Comercio' is found in both large and small type.

Camara 10c de

Camara 10c de reverse

  Series from to total
5c           includes numbers 53170 to 79405CNBanxico #11816
small legend
I         includes number 5285CNBanxico #11817
N         includes number 24757
large legend
B         includes number 2497CNBanxico #11818 
P         includes number 17000
Q         includes numbers 21379 to 47548CNBanxico #5791 


Again there were some typos

'efeciivo' instead of 'efectivo' and 'canjerán' instead of 'canjearán'

'canjerán' instead of 'canjearán'

'INO PESOS' instead of 'CINCO PESOS'