Local authorities

Oaxaca municipalChazumba

Tesorería Municipal

Chazumba 5c 1

Chazumba 5c 2

  date on note series from to total
5c 24 March 1915   unnumbered      
10 September 1915 B         includes number 1516


Ayuntamiento de Juxtlahuaca

We know of a 2c black on cream pastboard and a 20c green on cream  pasteboard, both dated June 1915[images needed].


Tesorería Provisional

Tamazola 20c

Tamazola 25c


Ayuntamiento de Zaachila

Zaachila is a town 16 kilometres south of Oaxaca. The town council issued a series of notes (3c, 5c, 10c, 20c and 50c) in May 1915.
Zaachila 3c

Zaachila 3c reverse

Zaachila 5c

Zaachila 3c reverse

Zaachila 10c

Zaachila 10c reverse

Zaachila 20c

Zaachila 20c reverse

Zaachila 50c

Zaachila 50c reverse

As well as two handstamps the notes have the printed name '[   ]lino Perezvelasco'.