Signatories of the Banco de Querétaro


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Richard HoneyRicardo (Richard) Honey emigrated from Cornwall, England to Pachuca, Hidalgo in 1862 at the age of twenty-three. He bought an iron mine in Ixmiquilpan, and established a mine in Pachuca. He built the first iron bridge in Mexico, which crossed the river Tula in Tasquillo. Honey was incredibly successful and used his riches to purchase more iron mines, at La Encarnación, near to Zimapán, 75 kilometres north-east of Pachuca. He also acquired various smelters.
Honey married Emma Jane Phillips, another Cornish immigrant and had four sons and five daughters. His main residence was in Mexico City, where he founded the Jockey Club. He also founded the Reforma Athletic Club in Pachuca.
During an illustrious career Honey was the president of three banks, an iron and steel works, two mining companies, a paint factory and was a director of two railway companies, the Ferrocarril Nacional Mexicano and the Ferrocarril de Pachuca-Tampico.
Honey was known for the treatment of his workers, including always paying 25 centavos a day when the minimum wage was 18 centavos, and his humanitarian efforts to help the indigenous population.
Unfortunately, some of Honey’s investments ultimately failed, the revolution increased his misfortunes and he died on 12 June 1913 practically penniless.
sig R Honey


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