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Private issues

SLP privateReal de Catorce

Ferrocarril Ogarrio

In 1891 the Ferrocarril de Vanegas, Cedral y Matehuala built a branch line (with switchback) from San Isidro halfway up the mountain to El Potrero, eight kilometres north of the magical town of Real de Catorce. Then, on 23 July 1897 construction began on an extension from El Potrero to Real de Catorce, tunneling through the mountain. The railway’s owner, Pedro de la Maza, named it Ferrocarril Ogarrio, in homage to his birthplace in Ogarrio, near Santander, Spain.

Among the archives that were thrown into landfill by the new owners of the American Bank Note Company was correspondence from 1911 to 1914 for notes for the Ferrocarril OgarrioABNC, 40238. These will have referred to an issue contemplated (and possible effected) during the revolution.


The Salinas of Mexico Limited

The Salinas of Mexico Limited was a British company that had a monopoly on the production of salt.


Hacienda de San Francisco

owned by Valentín Soberón y Castro.

San Francisco 5c

San Francisco 5c reverse

San Francisco 10c

San Francisco 10c reverse

San Luis Potosí

Baños de San José

Banos 50c

Billares de Gambrinus

run by Jésus Ortiz

Gambrinus 20c

Gambrinus 20c reverse

La Dulcería Americana

Dulceria 10c

Dulceria 10c reverse

A shop located at 1a de Zaragoza 2 and run by Carlos Brueggerhoff. Carlos Brueggerhoff was the Director General and manager of the Compañía Manufacturera de Galletas y Dulces, established in San Luis Potosí in 1903 by various investors and entrepreneurs and with the manager of the Banco de San Luis Potosí, Antonio Fernández Noval, on the board. The company built a factory opposite the railway station, installed machinery imported from Europe, and employed 100 people making bread, biscuits, cakes and chocolatesEl Contemporaneo, San Luis Potosí, Tomo VIII, Núm. 1523, 29 August 1903; El Contemporaneo, Tomo IX, Núm. 1703, 15 April 1904.

Sociedad Cooperativa

Cooperativa 5c

Neveria y Salon de Refrescos

An ice cream parlour run by Stefanie Herzog

Neveria 20c

El Salto

T. Arias

A $2 blue cartón dated 28 June 1915[image needed].