Private issues

We know of four notes issued by cantinas.

Cantina "El Sol"

The cantina "El Sol" issued a 10c note.

Cantina del Comercio

The Cantina del Comercio, of Manuel Blanco Sierra y Cía, of calle del Mercado 1031, issued a similar 10c note.

Cantina La Covacha

The nearby Cantina La Covacha, of V. Setien, in calle Bajo Mercado 1030, issued a 20c note.

"El Louvre"

The cantina and restaurant "El Louvre" on the corner of calles Estado and Aurora issued a note for 50 centavos.

Maury & Ramón.

A cartón for 5c.

Tampico Banking Corporation

Among the archives that were thrown into landfill by the new owners of the American Bank Note Company was correspondence from 1921-1926 on notes for the Tampico Banking CorporationABNC, 40422.00. This might have been for a proposed (and possibly effected) issue of low value notes, to address the same shortage as the Comisión Monetaria notes in Mexico City.