Counterfeit $100 Veracruz notes

Counterfeit Veracruz $100 notes – Type 1

This is the third falsification listed in the notice of September 1915. It is the same as the México $100 – Type 2, but this time the counterfeiters tried to imitate the Veracruz notes on blue paper.  The counterfeit notes are printed on paper of that colour but of lighter weight and inferior quality, the differences of the title before the signature, date and the Secretaría de Hacienda seal having been corrected.

The issue is lithographed and not etched on a steel sheet.

   lighter, inferior paper


In its notification the Jefatura de Hacienda in Puebla said that with the $100 notes the counterfeiters had not been able to get the seal perfect. With the legitimate notes this was oval bright red (rojo vivo) in some (in fact Mexico City issues) and circular cherry (guinda) in others but both were completely clean and legible, unlike the counterfeits..