Signatories of the Banco de Zacatecas


Luis Macías was a businessman, of the Sociedad Mercantil Luis Macías é Hijosthey were Flavio, José, Constantino and Emilia Macías Torres, who later married Pedro Larrassiette, another investor in the bank. sig Macias
Cayetano Arteaga sig Arteaga

Genaro GarcíaGenaro García Valdez, who was born in Fresnillo on 17 August 1867, arranged the concession, convened the first meeting and arranged matters with the central institutions. His family held a majority of the shares and rented the bank its offices. He was president from the bank’s establishment until 1900, when he handed over to his brother Antonio. He resumed the presidency in 1906.

Genaro also sat on the board of the Banco Occidental de México in Sinaloa.

Genaro was an alternate federal deputy for Zacatecas from 1892 to 1894, deputy from 1894 to 1912, and governor from 1900 to 1904. He died on 26 November 1920.

Rafael Villalpando sig Villapando
Enrique E. Hatchandy  
Enrique Aubert sig Aubert
Francisco Hinojosa sig Hinojosa
Edmundo von Gehren sig Consejero q 
Antonio GarcíaAntonio G. GarcÍa was the brother of Genaro García, and president of the bank from 1900 to 1906. sig A Garcia
Julián Torres sig Torres
José L. GarcíaJosé L. García was a wealthy Zacatecan landowner established in Aguascalientes and shareholder in the Compañía Telefónica de Aguascalientes, which established a line between Zacatecas and Aguascalientes in 1901. sig J Garcia


M. A. de la Pascua sig Cajero v

Genaro E. Kimball

Kimball took over as manager just before Christmas 1899 and served until 30 June 1903AGN, SC224 Antiguos Bancos de Emision, caja 1716, libro 2835.

sig Kimball
Luis Ibargüengoytia sig L Ibarguengoytia

Heriberto de Santiago

In September 1908 Vicente Enciso, a customer of the bank, accused it of defrauding him of $23,000El Tiempo, 10 September 1908. De Santiago was arrested on 14 SeptemberEl Tiempo, 19 September 1908. It appeared that the dapperTipo elegante, peinado “Pompadour,” corbata, “fleche,” mirada arrogante, bigotes á la Kaiser ((La Opinión, 29 September 1908) de Santiago had for some time had a deficit in his books and had been covering it up at the end of each month by falsifying the accountsEl Diario, 15 October 1908: La Voz de México, 16 October 1908.


sig Santiago
Ed. Maubach sig Cajero t
Enrique Reyes sig Reyes


Francisco de P. Zárate sig Zarate
Joaquín Ismael Ibargüengoytia sig J Ibarguengoytia

Marcial Esparza was appointed Contador of the mint in Guanajuato in 1899, and when that closed in 1900, moved to the same position in the mint at Zacatecas. The Zacatecas mint closed in 1905 and in May 1905 Esparza was given the job of Interventor at the Banco de ZacatecasCEHM, Fondo CDLIV Colección José Y. Limantour, 2a. 1907, carpeta 7, legajo 29.

sig Esparza