Chamber of Commerce notes

On 18 July 1915 Pánfilo Natera authorised the local Chamber of Commerce in Zacatecas to issue fractional notes to the total of $50,000. The four denominations (5c, 10c, 20c and 50c) were dated 21 July 1915, signed by F. H. Valle, president, and J. A. Espino, secretary of the Chamber and Mayor F. Arratia as Interventor and on the reverse, besides referring to the military decree, stated that they were a temporary issue solely for the purpose of facilitating the making of change.

  date on note Series from to total
5c 21 July 1915 A          
F         includes number 48367CNBanxico #12449
M         includes number 7860CNBanxico #6580
10c A         includes number 47259CNBanxico #12450
E         includes numbers 82553CNBanxico #6581 to 98951CNBanxico #6582
20c H         includes numbers 29282CNBanxico #12451 to 29635CNBanxico #6586
50c F         includes numbers 19254CNBanxico #12452 to 21331CNBanxico #6588


Comercio 10 reverse with seal

The Carancistas recaptured Zacatecas in August 1915. General Francisco Murguía with the support of the generals Cesáreo Castro and Benjamín Hill took the town and immediately named General Rómulo Figueroa as Interim Governor. On 27 August the Jefe Político, L. T. Villaseñor, put out a flyer, reminding the public that, amongst other, the notes issued by the local Cámara de Comercio were of forced circulationAMZac, Jefatura Política, caja [ ], exp. 92, folio 1.

By February 1916 the need for these notes had passed and Figueroa ordered their withdrawal. Holders could present them for exchange at the Oficina Reguladora del Comercio.