Local issues

Zacatecas localThree local issues are known from the section of the state that stretches south and is surrounded by Jalisco.


Tlaltenango 25c

Tlaltenango 25c reverse

Tlaltenango 50c

Tlaltenango 50c reverse

Tlaltenango 1

Tlaltenango 1 reverse

  from to total
10c         includes number 4576
25c         includes number 68
50c         includes number 571
$1         includes number 672


These notes were issued in July 1915 on the orders of Teniente Coronel Tomás López. They did not circulate for long since the region was recovered by the Constitutionalists in [          ]. The seal are of ESTADO DE ZACATECAS – JEFATURA POLITICA DEL PARTIDO DE TLALTENANGO and SAMUEL DAVILA. - Hda. Temoloazco - TLALTENANGO, ZAC.

Apozol, Juchipla

Apozol and Juchipla are two towns (and municipios) seven kilometres apart.

Apozol 1


Nochistlan 5c

Nochistlan 10c

Nochistlan 10c reverse

Nochistlan 20c