Gobierno Provisional de México Mexico $50 notes

These were Series E and dated 20 October 1914. They has imprint 'MEXICO OFICINA DEL GOBIERNO', title 'EL S. S. ENCARGADO DE LA SRIA. DE HACIENDA, and underprint Type 1.

The earliest notes (E 1 - 200000) were revalidated in accordance with the 17 December decree. Later notes will have been overprinted before issue.

We have correspondence that shows that $50 notes were produced at a press in Jojutla, MorelosJojutla is 55 kilometres southwest of Yecapixtla, which suggests they might be references to the same operation but Yecapixtla notes are universally condemned as substandard whilst the $50 revalidated Gobierno Provisional de México notes (if these are the notes in question) are of good quality. On 28 August the President Francisco Lagos Chazado asked Emiliano Zapata to nominate someone to oversee the production of notes, with half going to pay forces in Morelos and the other to forces other than the Ejercitó Libertador del SurAGN, Fondo Emiliano Zapata, caja 15, exp. 19, f. 44-45 telegram Lagos Chazado, Toluca, to Zapata, Tlaltizapán, 28 August 1915. On 13 November, in response to a request from Zapata, the Ministro de Hacienda ordered the Oficina Impresora of Jojutla immediately to print $100,000 in $50 notes and to advise Zapata when they were readyAGN, Fondo Emiliano Zapata, caja 16, exp. 3, f. 36 telegram J. R. Ahedo to Zapata, Tlaltizapán, 13 November 1915.

Two days later the Dirección (General de Telégrafos Nacionales?) complained that the Tesorería de la Nación had sent part of its consignment in $50 notes. As businesses were refusing these it was impossible to change them and at least one peon had died from starvation with a $50 note in his handsAGN, Fondo Emiliano Zapata, caja 16, exp. 3, f. 46 telegram to Zapata, Cuernavaca 15 November 1915.Thereafter there were constant complaints from commanders about high value ($20 and $50) notes.

In mid November Coronel Joaquín M. Cruz was appointed interventor for the oficina impresora de billetes in JojutlaAGN, Fondo Emiliano Zapata, caja 16, exp. 4, f. 16 Luis Zubitía y Campa, Cuernavaca to Zapata, Yautepec, 17 November 1915.

Date of issue Date on note Series from to Comment
19 October 1914The Mexican Herald, 20 October 1914 20 October 1914   E  1 200000 Convention, acknowledged by Carranza
  200001 400000